Kannada film actress duped into investing in Colombo casino business

The Kannada film actress has filed a complaint with the Bengaluru police alleging that her best friend had tricked her into investing in the Colombo casino business, the Indian Express reported last week.

The report filed from Bengaluru said: Kannada film actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, an accused in the 2020 Sandalwood drug case, made returns from her investments against her ‘best friend’ and a co-accused Rahul Tons and two others A complaint of fraud has been filed. In its casino business in Colombo and Goa.

Sanjjanaa and Tonse are among those arrested by the city police in a narcotics case in September last year. She was later released on bail.

Now Sanjjanaa has alleged in her complaint that Tonse had lured her to invest in his casino business but refused to give her the return. It has also accused the main accused Tonse of misusing the money invested by him for “illegal activities” to earn profits and spreading rumors to defame him.

A senior police officer said that Sanjjanaa had approached the court after she was cheated by her friends. Based on the court’s directions, the Indiranagar police registered a case against Tonse and two others – Ramakrishna and Rajeshwari – under IPC sections related to cheating and criminal intimidation.

Sanjjanaa has alleged that in November 2018, Tonse claimed to be the managing director of the group of casinos while trying to persuade her to invest in the business and offered her huge returns.

Sanjjanaa invested in the business by transferring money to Tonse’s account and the accounts of his friends. Later, the accused allegedly refused to share the return despite his repeated requests. She said that she trusted Tonse as a ‘brother’ and even transferred money to the account of Tonse’s parents, who also allegedly persuaded her to invest in the business.

“It was my hard earned money. So I demand legal action against them,” she reportedly told the court.

The police officer said that they have sought phone records and bank account details of the transactions under investigation before taking any action against the accused.

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