This March Betonline Featuring 4 leaderboards offering a total combined Prize Pool of $45,000 and $10,000 in daily Freerolls

Betonline have a leaderboard for every type of player: Cash Games, Sit-And-Go’s, Casino in poker and high hand as explained below:

Leaderboard Promotions:

$10,000 Weekly Cash Game Leaderboards: Awarding 1 point for every rake hand, prizes will be broken down per stake level as follows:

1. $0.05/$0.10 to $0.25/$0.50 get $1,000 in prizes to Top 25

2. $0.50/$1 to $1/$2 get $4,000 in prizes to Top 25

3. $2/$5 and above get $5,000 in prizes to Top 10

$5,000 Weekly Sit & Go Leaderboards: We will have 2 SNG leaderboards – $3,500 for regular Sit-And-Go’s and $1,500 for Windfalls. Top 50 players paid in regular SNGs and Top 25 on the Windfalls one.

$10,000 Casino in Poker Leaderboards: This leaderboard is very popular with the players who love playing the casino games in our poker platform and therefore we will continue these in the usual weekly structure.

$20,000 High Hand Leaderboards (NEW): During the month of March we will have 2-hour contestsMonday through Friday from 12pm – 10pm ET. High Hands will award the same points to players at any stake level on No Limit Texas Hold’em games to reward the Top 3 players every 2 hours. Will any of your players get lucky and catch a big hand to rank higher in the leaderboard? This is a golden opportunity for recreational players to make some extra cash!

$20,000 HH Leaderboard
Hand Points
3 of a Kind 3
Straight 4
Flush 5
Full House 8
4 of a Kind 16
Straight Flush 32
Royal Flush 50

Daily Freerolls:

$10,000 Poker Freeroll Madness (NEW): We will be offering a daily Freeroll, every day at  8pm ET.  The Freerolls will be available to all players that complete a small requirement in one of the various game type we offer (cash games, SNG’s, MTT’s, windfalls). The top 50 players in the daily Freerolls  will qualify for a $10,000 All-In Shootout that will reward the Top 100 players with a seat in our Sunday $150,000 Main Event on March 28th.


Our Hugely popular Bad Beat Jackpot tables have done it again! We hit 2 jackpots in February, where one of the users lost with four of a kind (10s) against a straight flush, instantly receiving $32,085 in his account.  The lucky winner also received $25,000 and the rest of participants at the table got $3,000 each.

Click on the below link for full details of bad beat jackpot winnings distribution model:

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